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  • Listening to: Edge of Night
  • Reading: fanfiction
Hey guys, due to time constraints ( It's the final four weeks at my college. Lots of projects to be passed, deadlines to be met and such) I won't be able to post here as much anymore. I guess you could say, I will be on an indefinite leave. However I will post some of my drawing on my tumblr since it's pretty much faster to post things there. See you guys soon!
  • Listening to: Take Her to the Sea, Mr. Murdoch
  • Reading: fanfiction
Hey guys I'm wondering if you could help me here.

Could you possibly recommend some beautiful movie OSTs to me? Particularly those that can make me feel calm, since I've been feeling constantly stressed out these days. Or any classical music would do.

Thanks in advance.
I'm thinking of having a movie marathon... Any suggestions?
So guys I had a previous account here, obviouslyobsessed but I forgot the password for that account so now I made a new one.